As one of the competitive group in the business, Kaizen Internetworking is fully concerned in fostering change. We deliver this change by providing a continuous process involving the whole group for better services.
Being one of the best groups in the market, we deliver this quality by learning what we are doing well and doing it better. We also find out what we may need to change to make sure we meet the needs of our service users.
As time goes by, technology gets wider and bigger. To ensure that we provide the necessary services to our users, Kaizen Internetworking modifies the design of this technology to provide the better services.
Being reliable to our clients, we always ensure that we give the best services. Before we deliver these services, we make sure that we meet the same result repeatedly.
Hewlett Packard
MFB have always disputed the widely help concept of producing a cabinet and then trying to adapt it to a suit all applications. The MFB range of cabinets are purposely built for each application.
series 2005 cabinet and network server cabinet
Rack Cabinets
Extensive range of racks to satisfy every need
Series 2005 Cabinets Series 2005B Network Server Host Server Cabinet
Type A Cabinet Wallmount ETSI
Series 94 Industrial Cabinet Slimline Cabinets
RFI/EMI Shielded Cabinets

designed to provide maximum rack mounting space, both above and below the desk

Profile A - Profile A Console presents 12RU (535mm) of usable height in the viewing area, and up to 10RU (445mm) below the desk. Allowance should be made for deep equipment mounted in the upper section encroaching down into the lower section. (Refer to
drawing for details). The section under the desk is accessed by the drop-down front door or the rear metal door, both of which are lockable. The reardoor can be supplied left or right-hand hinged.

Profile B - Profile B is a bench top style console and comes with 13RU (580mm) of usable height below the desk. This console is frequently specified for use in conjunction with other profiles and often used at the ends of a composite console to accommodate printers, fax machines etc.
For tractor feed paper, the desktop can have a paper slot, which allows the paper to be fed from below the desk; it can also accomodate a cable entry bung. This should be decided at the time of ordering. Freestanding monitors can also be used with this profile.

Profile C - Profile C offers the same above and below desk usable spaces as the profile A, with a further 8RU (355mm) area above. This is generally used for additional smaller monitors, often two C.C.T.V. units mounted side by side. It also suits equipment that is not suited to inclined mounting.

Profile D - Profile D is similar to Profile A design – providing 12RU above the desk and 10RU below the desk. The top of the Console is
horizontal, making it suitable to placing objects on. Care should be taken to avoid blocking the air outlet vents.

Profile E - Profile E is similar to profile C but with the upper section facing the operator more squarely and consequently ergonomically

Profile F - Profile F is an individual design providing 6RU of space above the desk in a unique angled design and a further 10RU of space above that. 10RU is also provided below the desk. Due to the design of the desk, this Console cannot be bayed with other profiles. The 6RU (266mm) section beyond the desk accommodates switch panels, handset speakers etc. The monitor area is the same as the Profile A, however there is additional space below the desk.

Profile G - Profile G is similar to profile E with 12RU above the desk, 8RU in the middle section, 7RU of space in the top section and 10RU below the desk. This console has three separate monitor areas and is ideal where this is a prime requirement. The “above desk” section is
again similar to Profile A and generally is used for a large primary monitor, whilst the upper sections house the smaller secondary
units, often C.C.T.V. type applications.

Open Racks
For optimal access to mounted equipment, freestanding as well as mobile

Aluminum Channel Rack
Steel Channel Rack
19” Laboratory Rack
MFB stacks a wide range of accessories to customize and improve the performance of your racks and consoles.

Air Management
Cable Management
Power Distribution
LCD Monitors, KVM, keyboards
Plinth and Base