As one of the competitive group in the business, Kaizen Internetworking is fully concerned in fostering change. We deliver this change by providing a continuous process involving the whole group for better services.
Being one of the best groups in the market, we deliver this quality by learning what we are doing well and doing it better. We also find out what we may need to change to make sure we meet the needs of our service users.
As time goes by, technology gets wider and bigger. To ensure that we provide the necessary services to our users, Kaizen Internetworking modifies the design of this technology to provide the better services.
Being reliable to our clients, we always ensure that we give the best services. Before we deliver these services, we make sure that we meet the same result repeatedly.
Cloudmark Authority™, a carrier-grade software solution, delivers the industry's most effective and highest performing anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-virus protection. Cloudmark's easy-to-manage, scalable solution consistently blocks over 98% of inbound and outbound messaging attacks in real time with near zero false positives. In addition to this level of accuracy, Cloudmark Authority requires significantly less processing power than competitive solutions. Cloudmark Authority frees network resources and delivers an immediate improvement in filtering reliability and accuracy.
Cloudmark Authority
- Service Provider Benefits
- Reduce Customer churn and support costs
- Investment protection
Cloudmark Authority Anti-Spam
Cloudmark is the industry's fastest and most accurate response against spam attacks. Cloudmark has a 100% win rate in service providers' competitive trials on spam blocking, with an average of 10 to 15% improvement in total filtered messages. Cloudmark offers unequaled spam protection, thereby significantly improving the user experience.
Cloudmark Authority Anti-Phishing
Unlike spam attacks, phishing attacks are low in volume and often target specific users with invitations that appear to be from trusted vendors to a website that looks legitimate. These disguised sites are often online for just a few hours or days. Phishing attacks are often overlooked by most anti-spam solutions due to their low volume and transient nature. Cloudmark solutions are able to identify the unique attributes of phishing attacks and quickly block them before they reach users.
Cloudmark StorageScan
The increasing cost of mail storage demands efficient use of resources. A significant portion of the mail store can be consumed by old spam that has been missed by legacy solutions. Analysis of service provider message stores indicates that as much as 50% of stored messages are spam, wasting 15-25% of mail storage space. With unmatched accuracy and performance, the Cloudmark StorageScan service clears out stored spam that other anti-spam products have missed.
Cloudmark Authority Key Features and Benefits
Features ::
Inbound Filtering - Protects mail users from inbound spam, phishing, and virus threats.
Outbound Filtering - Applies same filtering scheme to outbound messages – scanning and blocking spam, phishing and viruses.
Content Categorization - Categorizes each type of message abuse, allowing service providers to apply pre- determined policies for each type – e.g., block phishing, quarantine viruses, hold newsletters and store spam.
Cloudmark Network Feedback System - Provides real-time and historical analytics down to the individual subscriber level on messages scanned and feedback received.
Benefits ::
Industry-leading responsiveness and accuracy to all forms of messaging abuse drive higher customer satisfaction and results in lower cost to serve.
By blocking outbound abuse, service providers save bandwidth, ensure high inbound performance and keep their domains from being "blacklisted" by other networks.
Individual handling of messages increases subscriber satisfaction and reduces service provider's infrastructure costs.
Service providers get full insight into abuse trends and the effectiveness of Cloudmark Authority. Also, enhanced understanding of subscriber usage patterns and behavior improves policy decision-making and infrastructure planning.