As one of the competitive group in the business, Kaizen Internetworking is fully concerned in fostering change. We deliver this change by providing a continuous process involving the whole group for better services.
Being one of the best groups in the market, we deliver this quality by learning what we are doing well and doing it better. We also find out what we may need to change to make sure we meet the needs of our service users.
As time goes by, technology gets wider and bigger. To ensure that we provide the necessary services to our users, Kaizen Internetworking modifies the design of this technology to provide the better services.
Being reliable to our clients, we always ensure that we give the best services. Before we deliver these services, we make sure that we meet the same result repeatedly.
Secure Computing
Secure Computing delivers a comprehensive set of best-of-breed solutions that help customers protect their critical Web, email, and network assets. Over half of the Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies are part of the Secure Computing customer base of morethan 19,000 global customers worldwide. Secure Computing is proud to be the security solutions provider to many of the most mission-critical and sensitive environments in the world. Secure Computing is a global leader in Enterprise Gateway Security software solutions. Powered by our TrustedSource technology which provides real-time web and messaging reputation scoring, the award winning portfolio of email, Web, and application firewall security solutions provide anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-phishing, anti-malware, and anti-spyware prevention and protection to help ensure enterprise network security. Secure Computing’s security software and network appliances also provide data leakage prevention, regulatory compliance, including robust auditing and reporting, strong authentication, and identity management.
TrustedSource: Global Intelligence to Protect Your Organization
The most precise and comprehensive Internet host reputation system in the world, TrustedSource characterizes Internet traffic and makes it understandable and actionable. TrustedSource’s unrivaled effectiveness is a direct result of Secure Computing’s unique view into enterprise Internet traffic. By accumulating data from over 7000 sensors located in 51 countries, TrustedSource creates a profile of all “sender” activity on the Internet and then utilizes this profile to watch for deviations from expected behavior. The system then generates a “reputation score” based on the behavior of the sending host. This score is incorporated into Secure Computing products to enable them to quickly and accurately reject unwanted traffic.
Web Gateway Security
Webwasher® provides best-of-breed content security, including URL Filter to prevent inappropriate Web content, and Anti-Spam combining multiple spam detection methods for highest accuracy. Anti-Virus, augmented by Proactive Security technology, protects against day-zeroand blended threats.
SmartFilter and SmartFilter, Bess Edition
SmartFilter® enables organizations to understand and monitor their Internet use, while taking effective steps to provide appropriate control over outbound Web access. SmartFilter keeps the workplace free from offensive content, limits legal liability, manages bandwidth, and protects against security risks like spyware and malware. SmartFilter includes powerful reporting capabilities with SmartReporter®, providing real-time monitoring and drill-down functionality. SmartFilter fits seamlessly into most networks, and runs On-Box on popular proxy servers, caching appliances, and firewalls. SmartFilter, Bess® Edition is the number one choice for K-12 schools and libraries to cost-effectively protect students from inappropriate or illegal Internet content. CIPA-compliant and easy to use, Bess includes education-specific categories and features, and delivers the only true education-centric filtering solution in the business.
Network Gateway Security
Sidewinder Security Appliance< /td>
The most comprehensive security gateway appliance in the world, the Sidewinder® Security Appliance consolidates all major Internet security functions into a single system. Built on unique Total Stream Protection (TSP) technology, Sidewinder defends the network against all types of threats, both known and unknown. Through its unified threat management (UTM) approach, Sidewinder delivers best-of-breed anti-virus/spyware and anti-spam/fraud protection, Web content filtering, traffic anomaly detection, IDS/IPS, and many other critical protective features. Secure Computing Security Reporter providespowerful, easy-to-use event analysis and reporting, while Sidewinder G2® Enterprise Manager delivers single point central policy management.
CyberGuard TSP Security Appliance
Secure Computing’s CyberGuard® Total Stream Protection (TSP) line of UTM/firewall/VPN appliances is designed to protect mid-sized to large enterprises against both known and zero-hour attacks, using a hybrid architecture that combines stateful packet filtering, seven layer inspection, and secure content policy enforcement. The devices include a fully integrated IPsec VPN, flexible authentication and filtering strategies, and Webwasher® content filtering for antivirus, Web filtering, anti-spam and SSL scanning. The TSP appliances are highly scalable with throughput ranging from 250Mbps to multi-Gbps.
SnapGear Security Appliance
SnapGear™ is a complete office-in-a-box Internet security appliance for small businesses, with wide area networking tools normally only available in enterprise-class devices. Not just a single-purpose security appliance that adds one more additional device to your network, SnapGear is the only networking device needed for office PCs to be networked with one another, connect securely to the Internet, connect to the corporate WAN, and service all remote accessVPN needs. SnapGear handles it all for you easily and at low cost byconverging all networking, firewall, intrusion prevention security, and remote access requirements into one high-speed, highly reliable, small form-factor appliance
Command Center
CommandCenter is Secure Computing's enterprise-class central management solution that enables you to implement security policies quickly, easily, and accurately across your entire security infrastructure.This next-generation management center provides a robust and fault-tolerant solution for monitoring hundreds of devices, including Webwasher, SnapGear, TSP, and Classic systems.