As one of the competitive group in the business, Kaizen Internetworking is fully concerned in fostering change. We deliver this change by providing a continuous process involving the whole group for better services.
Being one of the best groups in the market, we deliver this quality by learning what we are doing well and doing it better. We also find out what we may need to change to make sure we meet the needs of our service users.
As time goes by, technology gets wider and bigger. To ensure that we provide the necessary services to our users, Kaizen Internetworking modifies the design of this technology to provide the better services.
Being reliable to our clients, we always ensure that we give the best services. Before we deliver these services, we make sure that we meet the same result repeatedly.
ABC is a complete solution package that is specifically designed for school processes automation...
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The Archives Control Environment (ACE) is an internet-ready, network-based file archiving solution which enables its users to back-up and restore...
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The Assets and Resources Management System (ARMS) is a multi-purpose business solution comprising not only of employee management...
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SIMS does not have to change the way you operate your business. It is designed to enhance and complement it...
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Kaizen provides you the best quality of websites and delivers a reliable information through out the web...
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Hardware and Network Systems
  • Data Center Planning, Design, Construction and Rehabilitation
  • LAN/WAN/MAN Design
  • Wireless LAN Solutions
  • Enterprise Networking
  • Structured Cabling Systems, Design and Network Maintenance
  • Server Electrical Cabling Installation
  • PBX / VOIP
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Equipment Installation and Configuration
  • Network Equipment and Server Racking
  • System and Systems Furniture
  • Hardware-related Solutions
  • Consultancy for end-to-end Network
  • Server Solutions, Backup Solutions Computer Hardware / Software Security
  • Access Monitoring and Alarm Systems
  • Security Cam
  • Network Security / Firewall / OS hardening
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Anti-Virus Deployment
Solutions and Services
  • Solutions and Linux Solutions
  • Payment Gateway via credit card
  • SSL Certificate Authority
  • IT Consulting
  • Managed Enterprise Network Support Services
  • Developed Application and Consultancy
  • POS
  • Database Design, Customized applications running on Microsoft or Linux Platforms
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery and Planning
  • Barcode ID Solutions
  • SMS (text) Server